Even Used Cars Grants Pass Have Car Tech That Will Blow Your Mind

It is crazy to think that we are looking at cars that can drive themselves. However, we are not all fortunate enough to afford such technology. Some of us have to settle for used cars Grants Pass, which is not all bad if you consider all the tech made available by pre-owned vehicles of 2017 or even 2016. Whether you’re looking forĀ Used Cars in Grants Pass & Cars For Sale – Trucks & SUV For Rent Oregon, you’re in luck.

Let us go back to 2017 and take a look at some of the latest tech that is not going anywhere soon.

Volvo is Leading the Pack

Amazingly, Volvo is one step ahead with their Pilot Assist feature that can take care of necessary evils such as braking, acceleration, and steering for you. That is if there are clear lane markings. Think of it as an assistant system where the driver cannot just sit back and relax. However, your driving experience will be super relaxing. The best news ever that this kind of driving technology is real and made available through the Volvo XC90s.

Make Bike Sense with the Jaguar Land Rover

Did you know that Jaguar Land Rover made provision for warning drivers about motorcycles and bicycles in that it taps the driver on the shoulder while ringing a bicycle bell inside the vehicle to help prevent any accidents that may involve motorbikes or bicycles? Heck, the door handles will give off a buzz, so the driver does not open up the door in the path of a biker. How cool is that?

How Toyota Support Mobility for Disabled Individuals

Toyota joined forces with DEKA Research and Development in support of mobility solutions to the benefit of the disabled. One such product that has been developed is the revolutionary IBOT motorized wheelchair that’s been equipped with two sets of powered wheels that one can rotate to allow a user to walk either up or down the stairs.

The wheelchair also allows users to rise from being seated to six feet in height so they may travel in a standing position. Best of all, this device can make its way through all sorts of terrain types.

Time to Consider Other Drivers with Audi’s Jack Technology

Jack is the proverbial nickname of the Audi A7 due to its one of a kind driving-concept technology platform that considers other road users. The way it works is you would pass trucks with a wider lateral gap while signaling upcoming lane changes. The co-operative attitude is especially apparent once other vehicles have a need to merge into the lane you are in at the time like on expressways. At this point, your car would decide whether one should brake or accelerate. It all depends on which action would be best suited to the given traffic scenario to the benefit of all concerned. Just now that this kind of innovation would be around during 2018 for those of you, who were hoping to find it on a 2017 model.

Must Have Cool Features Available on Older Models

It is when you approach a used cars dealership in Grants Pass that you cannot help but notice the fabulous Honda Accord 2017 model that sports a fancy Android Auto that standardizes the simplicity associated in hooking your Android smartphone to your vehicle where one may make use of voice commands without taking your eyes off the road.

But, what if you’re an iPhone user. No need to feel left out as Apple CarPlay rolled out its version to accommodate more models and car manufacturers for 2017 models. What it does is it sued the display features of your vehicle to reveal what is currently happening on your smartphone. This allows the driver to utilize the various features of their phone safely. What is more the interface would mimic the home screen of your phone as well as familiar app icons? We are talking about hands-free calling and music navigation.

Have you heard there is another use for the very functional 360-degree video recording that allows car users to park safely? Ford and Cadillac are among the first ones to make use of this system that would show not only the 360-degree image but also record it. With the Cadillac CT6, the camera would start recording once the anti-theft sensors got tripped. This way you can catch someone while they are attempting to break into your ride.

No doubt, there are more fancy innovations on its way. But, until then prospective used car owners will be happy to know there is no shortage of super sexy technology.