Opportunity Abound for Adult Rogue River Rafting this Summer

Nothing quite beats the excitement of experiencing the outbound section of the Rogue River where adults will feel refreshed and challenged to the core of their souls while paddling rapids for a period of 6 or more days, engaged in the best Rogue River rafting Trips & Tips challenges ever.

Guess what? Orange Torpedo Trips is offering a once in a lifetime rafting opportunity on June 23, 2018, with an all-inclusive adult trip without kids. There will never be a better time to revel in the excitement of high water rafting than June the 23rd.

What are Some of the Experiences Rafters Can Look Forward to During This Time?

For one, your group will travel down the river and employ communication through compassion and leadership. The lower part of the Rogue is regarded as a “pool and drop” river, presenting one with difficult rapids inside narrow canyons.

The River offers Class II and III rapids that are ideal for working on skills such as paddle boats, oar rafts, and paddle rafts. Some of the more noteworthy rapids include Half and Half, Demon Drop, Checkerboard, Snow Hole, and more.

Then there is the prospect of sandy beaches on both ends of the river that also offers impressive camping opportunities. Soon, you’ll discover the natural and human history of the Lower Rogue River and how extensive it is. During this time, you will visit petroglyphs, pictographs, and a feng shui Chinese miner house.

Once you hit the final 20-miles of your rafting expedition, you will witness firsthand how the Snake and Rogue rivers come together. These are characterized by slower mowing currents and a higher water volume to allow ample time to reflect on the journey itself.

Just everything about the magnificent Rogue River makes it one of the States premier rafting getaways. Typically, you will see deer, bighorn sheep, the occasional moose, and black bears on any given trip.

Have you ever felt the need to unplug and step away from the daily grind and take on different challenges? Do you consider yourself ready to master more challenging skills and discover senses you didn’t even know exists in your quest to conquer a steep rapid, crest one or the other mountain peak, hear a couple of echoes while sitting on the edge of a canyon, or notice the adrenaline rush once whitewater from the Rogue lands on your face?

The time has come to take a welcome break from your usual routine and test your determination regarding getting used to your changing surroundings. You will find some exciting moments of unexpected joys along the way.

Experience excitement like never before as an adult rafter and prepare for an injection of awareness and adventure that will stick long after you already unpacked your backpack once you arrived back home.

Where else will you be able to form connections, build skills, and meet like-minded individuals while all of you get to work through various priorities and adventures simultaneously?

At the hands of professional river guides, you will learn to master all sorts of outdoor skills.

Strengthen your values and rediscover your own unique inner strength. Rafting the great Rogue River will enable you to adapt to new environments and tap into your compassion and trust towards other rafters as your overcome new obstacles with a supporting crew like Orange Torpedo Trips by your side.

As you get to awaken your wilderness skills this coming June, you will discover what it will be like to dig deep and rise above various mental and physical challenges.

During this time, the bulk of the expedition leadership and decision making will soon transfer to the crew who will learn what it takes to achieve certain milestones, solve all kinds of problems and succeed on an individual and team level.

What can you expect to learn during this forthcoming adult river rafting adventure is to know how to focus beyond your daily obligations and responsibilities to the extent that you’ll master difficult skills and open new opportunities you never thought possible.

Most of all, you will uncover inspiration in the wilderness and a renewed sense of adventure thanks to this welcome opportunity so kindly provided by Orange Torpedo Trips.

Best of all, you will return home with an energized outlook and a keen interest in developing new relationships and renewed vigor towards future possibilities.

Remember to join Orange Torpedo guides on this adult-oriented trip where you get to fully immerse yourself into wildlife, natural history as well as the human history of the vast Rogue River.